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Here solve your health problems Know the benefits of honey , pollen , propolis .....? Do you know how to use them to improve your quality of life and your family. ?

Try them and tell me !!!

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We offer a variety of 100% handmade products.

Honey bee

Do you worry your health? Do you care your diet ? Do you think you eat healthy, influences your well-being? Bee Prodigious works with people who like to take care of , are selective with their food and have a healthy life philosophy , they love the sport and feel good physically. What we get with the use of bee products in your diet is to increase your energy, your mood will improve in a week, and I assure you that fatigue will disappear completely and your defenses will naturally increase and best of all, without contraindications or secuandarios effects. Take care of our health because it is the most precious treasure<Ver productos de la tienda

Enriched honey

A small order for it to achieve a healthier lifestyle . Can you imagine the benefits it can bring you ? Who has not been proposed to eat better , exercise more, be more positive ........ ? I can help you achieve , with little habits that you have to incorporate into your diet, here's the fasted state with warm water a tablespoon of honey solution , add a spoonful of pollen and a few drops of propolis each morning ...... ................. The changes will occur immediately, I can assure you , the benefits that will bring the products of the hive, are more than proven scientifically , because natural foods are safe and functioning as a nutritional supplement . The only way to check is to incorporate it into your diet and then you tell me ...............< Ver productos de la tienda

Bee Products

hive a natural laboratory for humans , from which we extract the honey, pollen , propolis , royal jelly , wax and Apitoxin or Bee Venom used all of them with therapeutic and preventive purposes disease . My family and I , we take daily and advise those who do not yet having ailments, consuming also because they will feel its effects immediately. Did you know that more long-lived profession 1st of all , is the beekeeper ..! Something will be ! ........ I assure you that work, try them and see for yoursVer productos de la tienda

Baskets Apiculture

of these baskets are handcrafted and made ​​with great affection , because nothing makes me happier than my clients tell me as surprised with this detail so original to a friend, family member , or someone important in your life. Each is composed of bee products , such as honey, honey sweets , bee natural cosmetics . They are natural products of high quality, when testing surprise you how much simplicity can make us feel so Ver productos de la tienda

Are you interested in our products? send us an email: info@laabejaprodigiosa.com Here what we offer is:

    The quality of our product .
    The Compromomiso with the Client.
    The speed of service .
    The personalized style of our Company.

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