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The Company

Only the love and dedication of a family enterprise can offer this kind of quality.

La Abeja Prodigiosa is a company that was born from the bosom of a family of apicultural tradition. Three generations have dedicated their lives to honey and the keeping of bees. We have our own hives; modern facilities for the production and bottling of our products; and a team of expert and specialized people. Moreover, our bees fly freely from blossom to blossom in Serrania de Cuenca, a superb place for producing high quality honey.

La Abeja Prodigiosa in the media

In this video, we explain what our La Abeja Prodigiosa project is about.

Interview with La Abeja Prodigiosa on Radio Nacional

The Team

Our team is composed of two generations of expert apiarists, who put their entire wisdom and love into each honey jar produced by La Abeja Prodigiosa.

  • Rosa-Ana Villanueva Villar

    Promoter, General Management, Production and Commercialization

  • Fermín Villanueva Martínez

    Master Apiarist,
    second generation

  • Mariano Montero Yuste

    Production, Bottling, and Distribution.

Honey-Making Process

Here we explain the honey-making process at La Abeja Prodigiosa

1- Bee Honey Harvest

1- Bee Honey Harvest

We collect and extract the honey from our hives at Serrania de la Cuenca, which will have been produced by the bees from the nectar that they have collected from blossom throughout the previous months.
2- Removal of the Operculum of the Hives

2- Removal of the Operculum of the Hives

We extract and take off the beeswax, separating it from the ripe honey cells.

3- Extraction of Honey

3- Extraction of Honey

We use a special machine to extract the honey, an extractor. It allows us to obtain the produced honey. Once extraction is completed, we will filter and decant the honey, to extract any pollutants.

4- Bottling and Labelling.

4- Bottling and Labelling.

Once the honey has been carefully extracted, we bottle in special crystal jars, where the product can preserve all of its attributes.

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